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Healer's Hub

Hello and welcome to my corner of the world I call "Healer's Hub!" I think its important to talk about the topic of "healing" and what healing can look like for the people of the diaspora, the earth, people of color...marginalized identities. I know within my own personal journey in healing I have had alot of ups and downs, things to process that "didn't add up, sadness...and even anger.

I've had to be real with how I feel...what I think...and even be real about what I am "confused" about. Because, let's be clear...healing is not concrete. This is no perfect book, perfect manual...clear cut way to "heal." Depending on the space I find myself in, healing can mean "silence", "dance","prayer" "movement", "therapy", "art", "travel"..."music." I think you get it. Healing can mean different things and there is no perfect answer for what "it" is.

I do know the following ...healing for me is a never ending journey and I have come to find that things of the earth, tribal and community traditions of my ancestors, taking care of myself, and aiming for consistent authenticity has brought about my healing and continual healing from trauma, generational curses, physical and mental injuries...and have helped me thrive.

Here and there, I will share my "story", however my overall goal is to educate, assist, learn and grow. My "Healers Hub" is one of my offerings. I also have an understanding that I may make some people uncomfortable...and even angry, however the intention is not to make things worst than they currently are. The basis is to spark questions, asking the right seek better answers and to get us, collectively, comfortable with being uncomfortable to the point of choosing growth over pain, OVERstanding over confusion, and truth over untruths. Growth is usually not a comfortable process, but neither is staying in a situation where we are suffering and where our growth is stunted.

Nature doesn't work like that, so neither will I.

Welcome to my healers hub! I am ready. Been ready! Come along for the ride cause Im down with tribal ways - ancestral ways! The more...the better!




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