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How can therapy help me? Attending therapy can help in the following ways: - Enhance the quality of relationships. - Provide clarity and answers regarding your stress - Address trauma, body image, creative blocks, negative beliefs of self... -Emotional Management - Discover a different way of handling life challenges and issues - Improve communication and listening skills - Find resolutions to issues - Increase your peace or feelings of wellbeing and ability to function well with the demands of life

How do I get started? You would first schedule a consultation with Jennifer Hart. The consult is 15 minutes and it's used to help you and Jennifer figure out what you are looking to achieve. Jennifer will assess if she has the proper training and experience to help. After the consultation you can schedule your appointment online, fill out our forms online, then attend your appointment via telehealth.

How do I pay for sessions? If you would like to use your insurance, just mention it during your consultation. Our office will send you the forms to complete your enrollment. We use a 3rd party for payment processing. If you are paying out of pocket, also mention this during your consult. We provide invoices, superbills, and reciepts as needed and/or requested.

Why is the cost so high for therapy? The price for therapy is an investment. You can think of spending $150 and gaining answers to problems that will help you for the rest of your life, or you can not spend $150 and continue to have the challenges you are having. A live human answers questions, listens to you intensly and strutures a program and recommendations that is very specific to you. It is a way of having a tailor made plan for your life that is very specific to you. This cost also covers the operating systems used to keep your information private, the billing system used to make payments easy and transferrable, taxes, as well as the skill, knowledge and time your therapist invested in order to assist you. You will speak privately to a professional that has studied human behavior and pathology. You are also guaranteed to not have your buisness on the streets! A therapist is a bonofide confidant that will help you do life better and feel better about life. It is an investment that is very specific to your very unique life challenges, personality and upbringing. Tailor made treatment plans and programs are an investment.

What if I need therapy, but can't afford sessions at this time? Our office is a huge supporter of mental health and wellness. We offer community workshops, workbooks, group work, and free resources on our page. If you can not afford therapy at this time, schedule a consultation and we will walk with you through what options you may have to better your health.

Do you prescribe medication? Our practice does not prescribe medication. We may offer a clinical recommendation to see a psychiatrist based on your presenting symptoms, however we do not prescribe medication.

What are your practice policies? We have several. We will give you access to our policies in our client portal. In short summary: - We have a no show and late cancellation fee of $150. - We offer FMLA and Administrative letters for established clients only ( in therapy for 10+ sessions) - There is an administrative fee for paperwork or letters requested for a third party. - There is a 15 min grace period for sessions. - Clients that have several cancellations with no rescheduled sessions may be admin discharged and this discharge is at the discretion of the therapist. - If there is an emergency and it is outside our office hours, please contact your nearest crisis center or call 911. - If at anytime we are subpoenaed for court, on your behalf, there is an adminstrative and travel fee, and the counseling relationship will likely be severed due to conflict of interest and dual roles. - If you have any questions regarding our policies please reach out to our adminstrative staff or speak with your therapist. All of our policies are provided in writing prior to the start of services. - Payments are due on the day of treatment and may be billed within 12 hours prior to the start of session.

How does therapy work? You will likely start seeing your therapist 2x -4x a month when first starting out treatment. As your progress you can likely decrease how often you are seen. You will have a consecutive time for your sessions. If you do not think you can commit to 2x a month or 4x a month at the start of treatment, then it is recommended that you seek services at another private practice. If you would like referrals we can offer that to you during your consultation.

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